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Florida Busines Lawyers

Business Lawyers with real business experience.

Our legal advice benefits from years of diverse and successful business success in areas ranging from real estate development and hospitality to foreign investment and healthcare.


                                         Legal Advice + Business Expertise=Successful Clients

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Business Formation


Nowadays there are dozens of online, do-it-yourself business formation websites. These make it seem like opening a business is very easy. In fact, the actual process of establishing a legal entity is relatively simple. However, there are many far-reaching ramifications to the decisions made at the beginning stages of corporate formation. These can set the business up for long, sustainable growth or predetermine limitations and costly problems down the road. Who will you trust? A general blog or the specialized advice of an experienced professional?

Contracts & Transactions


We're all guilty of it, even lawyers. We trust that things will work as planned; we sign what we need to close a deal; we feel uncomfortable asking someone to put it in writing. But the reality is that we can't plan for everything; things don't always go as planned; deals can turn sour, and relationships are stronger when their terms are clear. Let an experienced attorney guide the formation of a new relationship so that it may be clearer, stronger, and safer. Let us help you review, negotiate and draft your personal or business contracts.

Intellectual Property


Would you allow an investment account roam from hand to hand, unclaimed, unprotected, and unsupervised? Your brand, ideas, projects and creations are a result of the investment of your resources. These could be very lucrative investments, but they require the same, if not more, management and protection as any other type of property. Have you registered you trademark? Have you copyrighted your written materials? Have you patented your lasted invention? How are you ensuring that the brand you built is not up for grabs?

Here are some of the legal matters we are able to assist you with:


  • Formation and maintenance of corporations (incorporation, articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, resolutions, amended articles, amended bylaws, and reinstatement)

  • Formation of limited liability companies, (articles of organization, operating agreements, minutes)

  • Formation of partnerships, (partnership agreement)

  • Asset protection planning, bankruptcy, creditor debtor negotiations, collections Dissolution of corporation (articles of dissolution, termination agreement, and disputes)

  • Dissolution of partnership (termination agreement, winding up, and disputes)

  • Sale and purchase of business (due diligence, contract for sale and purchase, bill of sale, assignment, and closing)

  • Legal questions in business operations (legal questions and answers that arise in operating all kinds of businesses, such as manufacturers, lenders, construction contractors, franchisees, etc.)

  • Prevention of legal problems (preventative legal advice, legal document review, legal checklists)

  • Fictitious name (registration & litigation of fictitious name)

  • Contract drafting and review (sale, purchase, exchange, goods, services, employment, consultant, independent contractor, agency, advertising, broker, commission, arbitration, assignment, licenses, construction, building, subcontract, guaranty, warranty, indemnification, release, and bill of sale)

  • Loan documentation (promissory note, mortgage, security agreement, UCC filings, loan agreements, and closing statements)

  • Account collection, breach of contract suits, creditor and debtor disputes

  • Copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets, and intellectual property

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