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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

Compassion, audacity, and experience are what set us apart. In a time of physical and emotional pain, suffering, and economic distress, we are here to help you recover, understand your rights, and obtain justice for you and your family. As a small family firm, we are selctive in the cases we take and give our clients personal attention at every stage.

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Truck Crashes


Truck crashes are not like a normal crash and cannot be handled by a car crash attorney. There are specific federal regulations and business principals that come into play that are usually overlooked by attorneys that don't have specific experience with such cases. We have litigated and won against the biggest trucking ocmpanies.

Motor Vehicle Crashes


Driving is the most dangerous thing  lot of us do every day. Unfortunately, many drivers out there fail to realie this potential for injury and un up causing crashes with terrible injuries and even death. To make matters worse, the insurance companies that are paid to protect you are only concerned with one thing - keeping their premiums. 

Pedestrian Injuries


Incidents involving a pedestrian have great potential for injury. Even when if it appears that a pedestrian was at fault, drivers have a duty to be extra careful around pedestrian. Under no circumstance should a pedestrian being at the wrong place at the wrong time relieve drivers from their duty of care.

Bicycle Crashes


Unfortunately, sharing the road is not a widely practiced by motorists. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle crash, an attorney should immediately begin to investigate the root cause of the crash, as what may appear to be a fall, could very often have been caused by someone's negligence.

Defective Products


Companies have a duty to manufacture products that are not unreasonably safe and to account for potential uses and foreseeable risks associated with the product. If a product failed or injured you or someone you know, whether it's a toy, a medication, or a car, we can conduct an investigation.

Fires & Explosions


Fires are devastating. Some fires and explosions can be caused by neligently installed, designed, or maintained products, equipments, and structures. Additionally, fires can cause injury when appropriate suppression and emergency response procedures are not in place. We can help!

Medical Malpractice


Medical negligence could include an error in a diagnosis, treatment or illness management. If such negligence results in injury to a patient, a case could arise against the doctor, the facility, a medical staff or government agency operating the facility. These are complex cases and require immediate action.

Negligent Road Design


Detours and road construsction can lead to very confusing roadways and signage. The companies that are contracted to do this type of work are paid at time billions of dollars in tax-payer money to make sure that safety is a priority. However, mistaked still happen and can result in serious injuries.

General Negligence


We have seen multiple types of injuries. These are just some examples:


- Electricution

- Drowning

- Airplane Crashes

- Golf Cart Crashes

- Dog Bite

- Loose Animals

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